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Pacific Technology Century Sdn Bhd (PCT) was established in the year of 2002 as a pioneer company that ventured into Internet Marketing in Malaysia. Since its establishment, PCT has helped hundreds of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to leverage on the power of Internet to tap into the vast opportunity available online. With the increasing usage of internet throughout the whole world, Internet Marketing has become a borderless and powerful marketing tool for everyone. 

Products & Services

PCT has gained invaluable hands-on experience through market and technology transfer from our strategic partnership with an international and reputable Internet Marketing company in the United States of America. This strategic partnership has enabled PCT to offer a comprehensive array of products and services to our customer.

MyWeb Marketing Synergy-SEO

MMS is a pioneer in Search Engine Optimization. MMS optimizes your website to ensure search engines understand your website and improve the relevancy of your website to the targeted keywords. We help you improve your site to meet the criteria search engines look for, and deliver real results set us apart in a crowded field.

MyWeb Marketing Synergy

Organic Search Engine Optimization

International Search Engine Optimization

  • Top 10 Ranking Guaranteed in Google Yahoo
  • Profitable Keyword Analysis
  • Website Statistic Report

Happy Hosting and Domain

are designed for web developers or designers who need feature-rich web hosting at an affordable price.Whichever you choose, both the Windows and Linux platforms include full support for the most popular scripting and development tools used today, plus each is hosted on a server infrastructure that is secure and reliable.

MyWeb Hotel Synergy

is a full-featured online booking system .It allows end users, travel agents and booking agents to log on to your website and enter real-time reservations. In addition, MyWeb Hotel Synergy will automatically check and charge deposits on credit cards without any hotel staff intervention. You control how many rooms are available through your website,..